Ways To Revamp The Beauty Of The Legs
Sexy legs are definitely a great asset, especially for the ladies. However, these are the most ignored or less pampered areas. The legs need to be given as much care as the face and other body parts. Every leg muscle and skin from the hip to the toe needs to be relaxed, cleansed, moisturized and nourished for the legs to look elegant and add a charm to the poise and personality. It is best not to run or walk barefoot, even at home and use sleepers instead for a much better protection from dryness of the foot which takes a long time to heal.

The natural beauty tends to fade off with lack of care. Women can carry out the following and use the ideal beautification tips for the legs before she steps out of the house in the desired hot pants or the bikini to flatter men and envy other women with the sexiest legs.

Tips for slender and shapely legs:

1. Leg workouts
The advantages of lower body exercises are undoubtedly unarguable when it comes to shaping the legs.  The leg workouts include Aerobics, Squats, Walking, Jogging, and Cycling, Mountain climbing, climbing the stairs, swimming, skipping, and doing Lunges. These help in the direction of toning and tightening of the muscles and removing the calories from the unwanted areas. The higher the repetitions and lower the weights, the better will be the results.

2. Don't be obsessed with calorific food
The pastries, ice creams and other high calorie items should no longer picture in your meals. Eating right and a balanced diet with low calories and high fibers, carbs and proteins can complement the efforts put in the exercise regime. The heaviness generally found around the thighs and hamstrings due to accumulation of fats if not cut down with the right diet can lead to an embarrassing situation when wearing short pants and mini skirts.

Journey from Dry to soft and silky legs

The dry skin on the legs can be a taxing problem for many ladies. There are many amazing and effective methodsways to get a flawless, tan-free skin which is shiny and lustrous in a matter of few days. The ladies must not neglect the legs once their goal of getting soft legs is achieved. The maintenance regime must continue all the time for those perfect legs to remain perfect all the time.

1. Walk with care - The legs needs to be used with great care while walking not to be hurt accidentally.  The scars and marks on the legs look shabby and are very easily visible. However, in urgent cases, these bruises can be covered up with leg makeup.  Avoid wearing heels, which makes the calves very muscular and bulky and increase the chance of injuries.

2. Scrubbing - Scrubbing 3-4 times a week can help delay the pedicure sessions as the dead skin gets exfoliated and the skin can breathe and remain glowing all the time.

3. Moisturizing and protection from tanning - The white, silky legs will just be a dream in case the legs are not moisturized daily.  Also, applying sunscreen of SPF 30 when stepping out in the bright daylight can give complete protection against tanning of the legs exposed to the sun. Minimal tanning however is coveted by many beautiful women as it has its own charm over pure snow white legs.

4. The lukewarm water foot bath treatment - The foot bath treatment works best for removing the thick dead cells. For those suffering from ugly cracks in the feet, submerging the foot and the legs in a bucket of lukewarm water for half an hour every 15 days or month can help.In a recent interview with Gracy a Nutritionist who is currently blogging at HCG drops website, she said "The softness achieved in the foot makes it easy to scrub off the dead cell areas, cracks with a scrubber and allow the cleansing to take place with less pain. Simple home remedies like these are very much feasible and effective for people who do not want to go to the parlor."

5. Learn the right pedicure method -The pedicure kit can be procured which contains a number of instruments like the nail filers, nail cutters, Foot massage cream like hemp seed oil cream and many others. Pedicure legs always give a chance to style the shaped legs, nails with nail polish of exciting colors to create a good impression.

6. Get smooth and waxed legs - The hairy legs definitely can create a horrendous situation, especially during special occasions like a date. The hairless legs are easy to obtain with the help of waxing. Nowadays, good quality razors are available which do not lead to tough regrowth of hairs very soon. However, care must be taken not to get bruised by such sharp equipment and be in a further wrecked condition to cover these bruises. The hair free legs can be further smoothened by application of moisturizers.

7. Care for your knee and ankles - The dark knees showcasing very vividly when dressed in a miniskirt can look ugly. The lighting home remedies like scrubbing with lemon, honey and sugar can help. The same applies even to the areas around the ankles which becomes rough and dark with dirt and dead skin accumulation.

8. Go for varicose veins treatment - Extreme approaches of dieting will lead to skinny and pale legs. The skinny legs do not look elegant infact look undernourished and also reflect the veins, blemishes very evidently. The people must therefore, look into their diet and also avoid standing in same position for longer hours which are one of the major causes ofvaricose veins. The people suffering from this condition must immediately consult a doctor and get it corrected or minimized for getting back the beauty of the legs.

9. Follow bedtime leg massage chores - Leg massage with aloe Vera, herbal, almond or aromatic lavender oil before sleeping can be rewarding in the long run for a smooth pretty leg display.

Time to show off the perfect legs

Once these steps are followed and the results are evident, there is no one who can stop you ladies from wearing the shortest dresses which exhibit the natural charisma and beauty of the legs.

Author bio: Gracy, a dedicated and qualified nutritionist with over six years of experience in the Indian food industry. She has done MSc Degree in Human Nutrition at Chinmaya degree College(BHEL) in Haridwar, Uttarakhand.