Whey Powder Myths and Facts

There is no problem with paying a lot of attention to the way you look – hey our society is pushing the issue into a top priority for all people, young and old! But things are less pretty when  your path to a fit bod involves some unhealthy habits that get out of control. Most people will keep on the right path, with their only misdeed being that they never talk to a professional trainer/life coach/nutritionist about their goal. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about weight loss online, and not everything your friends suggest as a diet is healthy either. Or rather, what is true for some people may not be necessarily true for others, and there are also a whole bunch of myths that came out of nowhere and do nothing but damage.

Everyone can achieve perfect body with a lot of time and training, but you can make the whole process faster if you decide to use supplements. If you talk to health purists who diss any and all supplements, chances are that they are simply misinformed about most of them. And also that they are taking their own fitness philosophy to extremes. Professionals will easily dispel most of these myths, and give you legit reasons why you need to reconsider your sources of information. Amino Z has an easy to understand blog that explains the benefits and drawbacks of any supplementation, diet, and routine.
But let us talk about whey, that most beloved protein fitness enthusiasts just can't get enough of:

They are bad for your kidneys

This can be true, IF you already have problems with your kidneys. In that case, don’t take any kind of supplements. If you are healthy, your body will have no problems with protein intake. Just make sure you ingest proper amounts of water because whey is incredibly dehydrating.

More is More!

This is completely false. If you don’t take whey powder the way it is meant to be taken, and in the prescribed amounts, you will not see any results, at least not positive results. Some vitamins and minerals found in whey powder can be dangerous and even toxic if ingested in large doses - the way things usually go when you glutton out. Take as much whey as you SHOULD, not more and not less, and be patient. Results will come when they are meant to come, and there is nothing you could do to change that, nor is there reason to do so.

The best ones are labeled as “all natural”

False. The trick is that companies that make all-natural whey powders usually add something like enzymes additives or primrose oil. Here is what you need to know - those things do not provide any benefits, especially because they are added in negligible amounts. Read and trust only the label with nutrition facts. It is always risky to buy something new and different, the price can be tempting, but always buy tried and tested whey protein brands. This is not the sort of thing you want to be messing around with because you're feeling thrifty.

It will cause you to look bulky

No, just no. You need to know that you are taking proteins, not steroids. Whey powder is an addition to your diet. Whey protein supplements provide your body with larger amount of proteins and other vitamins that you cannot obtain with your regular diet, and no, it is not true that you can obtain everything through careful nutrition. There are things that food cannot provide in the amounts our bodies can use - blame it on food weakened by additives, artificial flavorings and tired soil. If we compare our food today with food from 1900’s, we realize that we need to take almost double the quantity in order to get the same nutritious benefits. That would make you bulky. Whey protein, on the other hand, will give you exactly what you want: increased lean muscle mass. That is if you are a female. Males will get a bit bulky, but that is because their testosterone levels are naturally significantly higher.

Learn how take whey protein powder correctly and reach your desired results much faster, but first of all check if you are healthy and whether your body is supplement-friendly. Health comes first, but do your research the next time you read something about supplements!


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