Cycling vs. Running: Which Is Better

Within the recent decade, there has been a shift within the fitness industry as the average citizen has become more conscious and concerned about their well-being and health. Many have taken up various sports and started fitness regimens in order to get in better shape and live a healthier lifestyle. While going to a gym is highly effective, for people with busy schedules, the gym is an indulgence which one might not be able to have.

While many people have been able to introduce home gyms, they tend to cost a lot. While activities like cycling and running have majorly been classified as hobbies in the past decade, they have grown considerably to become a preferred activity by fitness enthusiasts in the fitness industry. No wonder cycling can be fun and while it is convenient and useful, it also helps you maintain your fitness level.

Benefits of Running

Benefits of Running

While on the topic of debating about if running is better than cycling, there are many things to note. It is definitely true that running will burn more calories than cycling as it uses more muscles in your body.

Running can be highly effective as it requires more effort from your body which can show quicker results but this can also be different from person to person. Running also helps you to maintain and improve your cardiovascular health and also helps in strengthening your bones and joints.

What many people aren’t aware of is that running also helps you relieve stress as it flushes out toxins from the body. A research study also shows that going on runs produce the flow of serotonin which can help battle depression. (Source)

Benefits of cycling

Benefits of cycling

While cycling is a fun activity, there are also many health benefits to it. When one cycles, it has many good effects on your health and body such as toned muscles, weight loss, and increased energy levels.While one may seem to think that cycling only affects our body physically, it also helps you relieve and reduce stress levels.

Studies have also stated that activities which have a higher physical movement reduce chances of risk of cancer while also helping control diabetes reducing the risk of other diseases. (Source)

Furthermore, while cycling may be reliable, fun and a high-intensity exercise, one must also not forget its implications on the environment. Cycling is an environment-friendly mode of transport which helps in decreasing pollution and reduces the use of gas which in turn are the source for greenhouse gases which are extremely harmful to the environment and the atmosphere.

Cycling provides us with all the health benefits while also protecting the environment, which can be said to be a perfect balance for yourself and the planet.

Cycling and Running: Which is better?

Running and cycling have been adopted by many people in the past years as their only source of exercise or have a huge part in their fitness regimen. While running and cycling are both fun activities where there are not as many rules, people seem to lean toward one of the two.

One of the main advantages of cycling and running is also the fact that there is no fixed time to carry out these activities. One can run or cycle according to their routine which is very helpful for people with heavy schedules. But the main question many people have in mind is if one is better than the other. While there are benefits to both the activities individually, one can also assume that one may be better than the other.

When it comes to calories, it is true that running uses more energy in your body and allows more exertion which in turn burns more calories than cycling. And in cases of toning of muscles, running is a better option as it exerts the entire body. While cycling also helps in losing calories, it is easier to cycle for a longer time than running which allows you to customize and plan your route. Cycling is also very good for developing muscles; pushing the pedals of a cycle will help you develop muscles on your lower body.

The only point where cycling stands above running is that cycling exerts less pressure from the body which allows you to cycle for longer intervals. While the two may benefit the body in various ways, what we must remember is that running and cycling are both environment-friendly. In the present day, with growing climate change and the always increasing pollution, it is crucial to find ways to use as less energy as possible for safeguarding and protecting the planet. With cycling and running, it is indeed a win-win situation.

It is safe to say that both activities have similar benefits. While one may benefit you in one area more than the other, it won’t be right to just assume that one is better than the other. There are lots of fitness trackers out there by which you can track you running as well as cycling, but which one to pick? This question comes to the mind of every person, I found an amazing article by Fit Territory about best fitness tracker for cycling.


Cycling and running are activities that you can take up both activities to reap the results of both activities. Neither of the two is superior to the other. In the end, what matters is what you choose to do with the activity you prefer. With hard work, dedication, and commitment, both activities are equally reliable and useful for maintaining and improving your health and fitness.