Protein is an essential nutrient for a healthy diet and active lifestyle. With so many options, it can be hard to know which foods are the best sources of this important macronutrient. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 50 of the best high-protein foods to add to your diet. 

1. Eggs: One large egg contains 6g of protein. 
2. Greek Yogurt: One 6oz container of Greek yogurt contains 17g of protein. 
3. Chicken Breast: One 3oz serving of chicken breast contains 26g of protein. 
4. Cottage Cheese: One cup of cottage cheese contains 28g of protein. 
5. Salmon: One 3oz serving of salmon contains 21g of protein. 
6. Tuna: One 3oz serving of tuna contains 22g of protein. 
7. Shrimp: One 3oz serving of shrimp contains 18g of protein. 
8. Almonds: One ounce (28g) of almonds contains 6g of protein. 
9. Pistachios: One ounce (28g) of pistachios contains 6g of protein. 
10. Peanuts: One ounce (28g) of peanuts contains 7g of protein. 
11. Cashews: One ounce (28g) of cashews contains 5g of protein. 
12. Quinoa: One cup of cooked quinoa contains 8g of protein. 
13. Lentils: One cup of cooked lentils contains 18g of protein. 
14. Greek Salad: One cup of Greek salad contains 6g of protein. 
15. Turkey Breast: One 3oz serving of turkey breast contains 24g of protein. 
16. Beef: One 3oz serving of lean beef contains 24g of protein. 
17. White Fish: One 3oz serving of white fish contains 22g of protein. 
18. Hemp Seeds: One ounce (28g) of hemp seeds contains 10g of protein. 
19. Edamame: One cup (155g) of edamame contains 8g of protein. 
20. Chickpeas: One cup (155g) of chickpeas contains 14g of protein. 
21. Sunflower Seeds: One ounce (28g) of sunflower seeds contains 6g of protein. 
22. Oats: One cup of cooked oats contains 6g of protein. 
23. Spinach: One cup (30g) of cooked spinach contains 5g of protein. 
24. Broccoli: One cup (91g) of cooked broccoli contains 4g of protein. 
25. Tofu: One cup (122g) of tofu contains 10g of protein. 
26. Tempeh: One cup (165g) of tempeh contains 31g of protein. 
27. Ricotta Cheese: One cup (245g) of ricotta cheese contains 14g of protein. 
28. Chia Seeds: One ounce (28g) of chia seeds contains 6g of protein. 
29. Feta Cheese: One cup (170g) of feta cheese contains 11g of protein. 
30. Cheddar Cheese: One ounce (28g) of cheddar cheese contains 7g of protein. 
31. Baked Beans: One cup (254g) of baked beans contains 13g of protein. 
32. Tempeh: One cup (165g) of tempeh contains 31g of protein. 
33. Soy Milk: One cup (240ml) of soy milk contains 8g of protein. 
34. Peanut Butter: One tablespoon (16g) of peanut butter contains 4g of protein. 
35. Kidney Beans: One cup (177g) of cooked kidney beans contains 13g of protein. 
36. Artichokes: One medium artichoke (120g) contains 4g of protein. 
37. Greek Feta-Stuffed Peppers: One pepper contains 5g of protein. 
38. Hummus: One cup (230g) of hummus contains 10g of protein. 
39. Sardines: One can (3.75oz) of sardines contains 13g of protein. 
40. Figs: One cup (150g) of figs contains 4g of protein. 
41. Halloumi Cheese: One ounce (28g) of halloumi cheese contains 6g of protein. 
42. Whey Protein Powder: One scoop of whey protein powder contains 24g of protein. 
43. Turkey Bacon: One slice of turkey bacon contains 3g of protein. 
44. Natural Greek Yogurt: One cup (227g) of natural Greek yogurt contains 17g of protein. 
45. Seitan: One cup (172g) of seitan contains 75g of protein. 
46. Tofu Sausage: One link of tofu sausage contains 10g of protein. 
47. Greek Pita: One pita contains 6g of protein. 
48. Roast Beef: One 3oz serving of roast beef contains 26g of protein. 
49. Bison: One 3oz serving of bison contains 25g of protein. 
50. Hemp Milk: One cup (240ml) of hemp milk contains 7g of protein. 

Incorporating these high-protein foods into your daily diet can help you meet your nutritional needs and reach your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, or just maintain a healthy diet, these options provide a tasty way to get the protein you need.