Active Pregnant Women Have Healthier Babies

Pregnant Women doing stretches, excersise
A positive attitude toward health and fitness might start much earlier than anyone previously believed according to new research. Women who exercised moderately have children who are more apt to stay physically fit later in life. For mothers-to-be, this can mean maintaining an exercise program that’s been discussed with a doctor. Exercising can also aid many women in remaining more comfortable during pregnancy, especially in the last month when most women report physical issues.

Good News for Fitness Buffs

Women who enjoy exercise can work out longer than they might expect. While pregnancy changes the body, it’s possible to get sufficient rest, and remain active long into a pregnancy with the guidance of a physician. Getting sufficient food, rest, and sleep are key factors in remaining active. Sometimes even the best pregnancy pillow in the world will not ensure sleep at some stage of pregnancy, but taking additional care throughout the day care allows women the ability to maintain a schedule including daily exercise. Keeping the feet elevated when there is swelling is an example, as is using a lumbar support when sitting in a chair. Getting and moving around frequently while working at a desk is better for those expecting, unless otherwise directed by a doctor.

It’s Not All Genetics

The established belief has been that some people inherited the tendency to remain fit, but this isn’t not what researchers have found by studying mice. Children of women who exercised while expecting have increased activity levels over their peers whose mothers didn’t exercise. This tendency for increased activity continued into later adulthood. More importantly, researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston found that those with exercising mother’s lost fat faster than their peers as well. It’s now believed that activity during the pregnancy can influence the fetus’s brain development with a greater aptitude toward physical activity.

Happily Running Mice

Some of the research used experiments involving pregnant mice divided into two groups. Very simply some the mice were given the chance to access running wheels, while the other group didn’t exercise at all. The mice with exercise wheels ran an average of 6.2 miles at night, but not surprisingly, they ran less as they neared the end of their pregnancy, dropping to 1.9 miles a night. The mice born to exercising mice were 50% more likely to be more active, and exercise more themselves than their peers.

Researchers Hopeful of Positive Outlook

Research is still ongoing to confirm the lab discoveries, but those involved are hopeful that this could aid in the combating the current worldwide obesity epidemic.Mothers encouraged to exercise and remain active during their pregnancy can know this will not only help them remain healthy, but also have a long lasting effect on their offspring. This could have a lasting effect of breaking a cycle of obesity and low activity in adults within a few generations.

Active Children and School

Medical studies have already reported that children with higher activity levels who took part in fitness programs tend to do better academically than inactive children.

Current recommendations for Expectant Moms

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists the current recommendation is for 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise will aid in keeping a woman healthy during a pregnancy. Not only does this type of exercise program aid in keeping in shape for delivery, but it can help in preventing diabetes during pregnancy. Women who exercised moderately while expecting have also found they are less likely to have complications after a cesarean delivery. Most women who kept a fitness schedule until the later stages of their pregnancy were able to return to normal levels of daily activities and exercise levels sooner after delivery.

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